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The Tailored Tabletop

Design and dish rentals to enhance your event

Wedding Table Set

David Lackey, an appraiser on the long-running PBS series “Antiques Roadshow" claims,


"The younger generations aren't interested in heirloom silver, crystal, and china because they don't intend to entertain that way."



While it may be true that people have a myriad of reasons for not wanting to own such things, that doesn't mean they don't appreciate or see a use for them. Because they're just the kind of accouterments that enhance the experience of their guests. I mean, if an elegant meal is part of an event, how can you not present it in a beautifully designed and well-appointed way? 


Let us provide the skills and goods for making your table a work of art. 

We rent dishes, flatware, glassware, and other things to make your table beautiful without the hassle of buying anything, storing anything, maintaining anything, or even washing anything. 

Modern to classic, bougie to casual, we've got you covered. 


Kelly Newell

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